About Us

SmallVoice is an initiative in the social sector , which started in June 2015. The initiative was started Shraddha Mookim in Mumbai. The objective of the initiative was to create a platform to connect the young individuals and Corporates to the social sector in the country. Social sector includes, NGOs and social entrepreneurs.

The first step taken by the company is to establish a marketplace for products made by the social sector. The company primarily targets bulk gifting in the corporate , marriage, birthday gifting verticals . The products include home decoratives;coraties, personal use accessories , furniture, kids craft kits, office use products, food products and festive gifts including chocolates. The next step would be to develop ecommerce engine for the retail sales. This initiative has been receive very well in the social sector, as they continue to strive for financial freedom and access to larger market.

The company will also start organising charity functions at NGOs site . This would be done to create awareness of their pursuit thereby attracting larger funding opportunities.

In the long term , we do see ourselves as a complete integrated platform offering online marketplace, raising funding and grants, conducting soial sector seminars, conferences and networking opportunities, Partner alliance and program management for Corporates, volunteering and job opportunities and charity events.


Shraddha Mookim –

As part of my Corporate career, I intereacted with a large number of MNCs and domestic compa- nies. Across the board, they were doing some very productive and impactful social work as part of their CSR Program either through their own foundation or through an NGO. However, they did not have information about the breadth of activities that they could do alternatively/ additionally to create larger impact thereby triggering social change in their own mindset and of their employees.

SmallVoice is a platform to facilitate “social change” targeted at the corporate and at the young Indian community. One of the pre-requisites is to provide information about the social sector chal- lenges and build various enablers for the community to contribute. The result is that we would be able to match the available resource to the best candidate, thereby increasing social impact.

Social marketplace is one such opportunity that can provide the social sector scale and movement towards financial freedom. We will provide easy access to the “social marketplace”, to all of you It is for you to decide whether to decide whether to join the movement of “social change”.

  • MBA from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • 12 years of Banking Experience in HSBC and ICICI Bank
  • Freelance writer on Finance Board
  • member on two listed companies.
  • Csr Committee Member
  • Volunteer of Angel Express

Our vision

To provide easier access to Indian individuals and corporates to connect with the social development sector. We want to eveolve as a full platform in the social development sector .

To create awareness amongst the community about the work being done in the social dev sector and the scope of work that can be done in the future.

To increase the scale of operations of NGO's and social entrepreneurs by raising resources for them, thereby increasing the number of people covered under their net.

Provide guidance to individuals and Corporates to direct their resources to the more reliable, hardworking and sound social sector as to increase social impact

To provide networking opportunities for forming partnerships, creating awareness and leveraging on each others networks